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Shipping abroad

International shipping

Yes, we ship abroad. We don't accept credit cards to make a payment. You may transfer money to our bank account. We ship after we received the payment to our bank account. The amount to be paid includes the cost of goods, postage and banking fee for international payment (50CZK/2EUR). The exact postage is calculated after the order has been placed according the estimated weight of ordered goods and destination where we ship. Please enter a note to your order that you require shipping abroad or email us after you placed an order to announce you placed an international order. Otherwise it might take us a while to detect your order among domestic orders. Once we know about your order we will email you all necessary information to make a payment and you will receive exact postage to your country. If you don't agree with the shipping and other processing cost, you can always cancel your order. To ship within Europe would cost between 300-1000 CZK (10-40EUR) in most cases. Please do not pay for your order before we contact you according shipping cost  and availibility of goods!

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